The Oatmeal's Tips For Getting More Facebook Likes

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Matthew Inman, otherwise known as the guy who created and updates The Oatmeal web comic, has an awesome ability to condense things down to the nitty-gritty, cutting through the weeds to get to the good stuff. Take his latest creation concerning how to get more likes on Facebook.

Inman naturally, and rightfully so, skewers the attention seekers, reducing them to attention whores who define their self-worth based on how many likes their Facebook posts receive. An example of his biting observation starts with a helpful tip:

Don't Do This

While this should, perhaps, be common knowledge, clearly, it is not. Can you not feel the desperation coming from requests like these? Inman did, and to him, such requests make the person look like this:

Oh God
Inman also offers the following public service announcement for proper Facebook etiquette:

Don't Do It On The Internet

To avoid such embarrassing moments concerning your hunt for Facebook likes, Inman suggests something people apparently aren't considering: Create something awesome. Create something that makes people laugh, cry, or inspires them to do something other than peruse Facebook, trolling for likes. To find out the comic's suggestion for these kinds of posts, be sure to check the rest of Inman's creation out over at Trust me, you'll be a better Facebook user for it.

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