The Number of Gamers Is Increasing, Says


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According to a study done by, people are really transforming into gamers. The website defines a gamer as an individual in a broadband househols who plays at least one hour per month. The report mentions that 135 million people play at least one hour per month.

It seems that most new-comers are attracted to free-to-play games on social media sites like Facebook. The report says this is one reason the gaming population has spiked so much since 2008. Games like Farmville and online slot machines on Facebook keep players engaged for long periods of time.

Games are becoming quite popular on mobile devices such as smartphones as well. With games like Angry Birds and Temple Run, mobile gaming is just as addictive as any other platform and the results don't lie; there's money to be made.

The mediums which gamers use to fulfill their playing desires varies from PC/laptop to actual gaming consoles such as Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The graph below illustrates the variances in preferences among gamers.

Since the introduction of tablets a few years ago, the mobility potential exploded. Tablets, being much like smartphones-minus the phone-are now a great and popular mobile device. With the ability to support apps, tools and games, this device is a real asset to mobile device users. With that being covered, the tablet mobile gaming platform has substantially gained momentum in past months as mobile/tablet games have become increasingly popular.