The Nostalgia Is Strong With This PlayStation Ad

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Remember your first experience with the original PlayStation? Or how about your first time playing the PlayStation 2? There might even be that special feeling you had when first turning on the PlayStation 3. All that and more contributes to some of our most precious memories, and PlayStation Access expertly captures that in its latest video.

You may recall a while back that Sony ran a Twitter campaign called #PlayStationMemories. It asked players to share their experiences with PlayStation from the original PlayStation in 1995 all the way to the PlayStation 3 of today. Sony then took all of those responses and made the following video:

Despite being made in the UK. this ad should resonate with all PlayStation fans. They hit upon all the big hits across all three platforms, especially the original PlayStation. It's a little strange to see the PlayStation 4 being included as some sort of nostalgic platform, but it works in a way. After all, the friends that play together stay together, or something like that.

With this latest video, the #PlayStationMemories hashtag has been given new life yet again. Most of the responses this time around are more cheeky than nostalgic, but there's some genuinely heartfelt stuff as well:

[Image: PlayStation Access/YouTube]

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