The North Face Jackets- Brighter Is Better


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The North Face jackets have been popular for several years now and as with any type of clothing, each year the popular styles and colors change. This year some of the most popular North Face jackets are also the brightest. Colors like lime green, fuchsia, teal and mustard yellow are included in the 2013 North Face line. So what exactly makes these bright jackets so appealing?

The North Face apparel is well known for its lifetime guarantee, which is the reason many people are willing to shell out big bucks for it. If your North Face jacket falls apart you can get it replaced for free. This easily makes them worth the money.

Another thing that many people love about The North Face jackets is their warmth. The North Face Denali jackets for example, are light weight fleece jackets that provide the same warmth as a big, bulky winter coat. This is a huge convenience for people who are active or want a jacket that allows them to move around easily.

The biggest appeal of The North Face jackets this year seems to be the color. People are crazy for the variety and styles and according to The North Face product coordinator, Liz Braund, the love for color is a sign of an improving economy.

‘‘The hunger for color right now is showing that the economy is picking up. People are less inclined to stick to buying staples — and the black jacket is a staple," Braund said.

The 2013 line of North Face clothing and outwear includes 37 colors and according to The North Face, they plan to offer 187 colors in their 2014 line.

Looks like color is the new black and it might just be time to toss out those black and brown winter coats and upgrade to a new colorful one.

What do you think of the new North Face jacket colors?

Image from Wikimedia Commons.