The Next Web Is Most Engaged News Group on Google+

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According to a new study from Adam Sherk, after examining the frequency of posts with comments, +1s and shares, found that The Next Web has the highest level of engagement on Google+ among other news organizations. TNW eked out above Mashable, who was followed by Breaking News. After the top three, the amount of engagement among the 45 news organizations that Sherk declines considerably throughout the remainder of the list.

While Sherk points out that the list of organizations isn't meant to be comprehensive (really, as expansive as news is on the Internet, how could it be?), what's revealing about Sherk's study of the data is that he didn't originally include the total +1, shares, and comments in his data. After a suggestion from a member of Breaking News, though, Sherk went back and included the data in his analysis. Below are the results of his original data compilation, which you'll notice has some very noticeable shake-ups in the rankings when compared to the more comprehensive table above.

In case you were wondering why I included the top eleven Google+ accounts in the first table, now you probably see why: New York Times went from ranking #1 in the first table to falling all the way to #11. Actually, most standard news organizations like The Times, NPR, BBC, Le Monde, and The Atlantic all fell in ranking while tech-oriented news sources all climbed in ranking.

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