The New Apple iPhone SE Is Officially Launched -- Here's What You Get

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The new Apple iPhone model with a distinctively smaller screen finally launched on Monday. A smaller-screen iPad Pro was introduced at the same event as well.

The 4-inch iPhone called iPhone SE may be smaller than other Apple iPhone models, but it has the features of the iPhone 6S and its casing is similar to that of the iPhone 5.

It may be small but contains all the specs of the latest iPhone. It shares the same A9 processor as the iPhone S6, and its camera is also upgraded from 8 megapixels to 12. The Apple iPhone SE also features Siri hands-free search and Live Photos. It also has new chips that would enable the phone to work with Apple Pay, which means all of the company’s current handsets can now be used to make payments.

The iPhone SE also comes in the same metal finish as iPhone 6S.

Not only is the new Apple iPhone SE smaller, it is also cheaper than the other iPhone handsets. iPhone SE prices begin at $399 for the 16GB unit in the US. This makes the new phone the cheapest model Apple has ever launched, and the company says it is intended for consumers who use Apple’s smaller handsets. It will go on sale in the UK on March 31.

The iPad Pro on the other hand, features a 9.7-inch screen, smaller than the original iPad Pro with a 12.9- inch display which came out last year. The new iPad Pro starts at $599 for the 32GB unit.

Why did Apple launch smaller iPhones this time? According to reports, sales for larger screens have gone down. Another factor is that many people still prefer to buy the smaller iPhones than the larger phablets. “Today we welcome a new member to the iPhone family,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the event. “Many customers have asked for this and we think they’re going to love it.”

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