The Mystery of C-3PO's Raging Golden Erection


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A well-endowed C-3PO is seen here in this 1977 trading card from Tops. For years Star Wars fans speculated on the card's existence, many believing that it was just a myth. Well, it isn't.

Some say the reason behind its existence was a disgruntled Topps employee, or a prankster at Lucas Films. But the most likely reason is the timing of the photo and the lighting around his body armor. Either way, the result is clear, and hilarious.

The cards are somewhat rare, selling for $35 - $40 on Ebay. Topps rereleased the card with an airbrush treatment covering the "wardrobe malfunction" after it was discovered.

MTV's Urban Myth's did a feature on the C-3PO card a few years back. In it, they reached out to Lucas Arts for an explanation: "It looks like a piece of C-3PO's body armor wound up in the wrong place, and no one spotted it in the dark background until thousands of the cards were printed."

The question now is, "Is it functional?". At webpronews we have covered the concept of robot sex slaves in the future of "sex tourism". Could C-3PO be the embodiment of that future?

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