The Most Amazing Pair Of Robot Legs You'll See Today

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Engineers are getting better at robot building every day, it seems. Check out what LiveScience calls the "first pair of biologically accurate robot legs," that "mimic how babies walk."

Before we go any further, just look:

These legs are a product of the Florida Institute For Human & Machine Cognition, and are reportedly funded by the U.S. military. The project is called FastRunner. Here's how the institute describes it:

FastRunner is a new bipedal platform inspired from the fastest biped animals, and developed at IHMC. A novel leg design is being developed to enable FastRunner to achieve unprecedented efficiency and speed while being self-stabilizing. The FastRunner project is funded by the DARPA agency through the Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) program.

And when they say speed, they mean speed - as in the speed of an ostrich (they even have a team member described as an "ostrich investigator"). This will give you a better idea of what they're going for:

Yes, the legs above are also reminiscent of what we imagine a velociraptor's looked like.

Currently, they've got FastRunner going up to 22mph from stop in less than six seconds. Sleep well, ladies and gentlemen.

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