The Live Action Trailer for Assassin's Creed Is Slightly Polarizing

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Do live action trailers for video games work? I mean, sure the one Bethesda commissioned for Skyrim worked, but the anticipation for that game was at least as much as Assassin's Creed, if not more. Of course, seeing such a trailer gives people ideas of seeing of a full blown movie for the title being advertised, and while that's certainly a possibility for the AC universe, it's almost misleading in a sense.

The live action trailer for Assassin's Creed III, which naturally doesn't show much in the way of gameplay, focuses on the some of the characters players will come across, while giving us an idea of what motivates the kind of rebellion necessary to start a revolution, or lead one to take on British Empire singlehandedly. For those of you wondering about the heavy amount of patriotism on display, Ubisoft released the live action Assassin's Creed III trailer on the Fourth of July, and considering the subject matter AC3 addresses, that only makes sense. The text description that follows the trailer only adds to the "stand up for your freedom" mentality:

For freedom to rise, the oppressor must fall. Blood will be shed, sacrifices will be made, but the idea we all fight for will live on forever. Assassin's Creed III shows us that the smallest action can spark the flame that ignites the revolution: a soldier fighting for his country; a priest struggling with his faith to follow his beliefs; a mother willing to kill to protect her children; a lone assassin, fighting for freedom and justice.

The strongest weapon against tyranny is the will of the individual... it's time to RISE.

Reaction to the trailer seems to be a little tepid, at least on YouTube. The likes-to-dislikes ratio is 407 to 161. Is that because of the misleading nature of a live action video game trailer or are the British coming... to YouTube to dislike the subject matter?

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