The Legend of Cage Is The Greatest Video Game That Never Was

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask gets a bad rap. It's one of the most controversial entries in the venerated series, and many find the game's themes to be too dark and depressing. To those gamers, YouTuber Criken has given them a reason to give Majora's Mask one more chance.

It's called The Legend of Cage, and it replaces all the textures in Majora's Mask with the visage of Reddit's OneTrueGod Nicolas Cage. Here's what inspired such madness:

After months of uncomfortable work, the Nicolas Cage texture pack for Majora's Mask is finally finished. Why make this you may ask? I wish I had an answer for you. The truth is co-modder Shayne and I lost the luxury of free will as soon as we began working on this project. We had no goal, only Cage.

Criken says he will release the texture pack if and when he finds a way to properly compile it. Until then, he says that there will be plenty of Nicolas Cage/Zelda crossover goodness in subsequent gameplay videos.

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