The Japanese Are Once Again Needlessly Innovating And It's Awesome

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I love Japanese scientists and inventors. They needlessly innovate in areas that we all thought were done with innovation years ago. The toilet? They made it better. The shower? They made it better. I think I'm starting to see a trend here and today's innovation continues that trend in bathroom ingenuity.

Meet the Camitool, a hands-free automatic toilet paper dispenser. After years of automatic paper towel dispensers proliferating across the world's bathrooms, it seems odd that an automatic toilet paper dispenser took so long. It makes perfect sense too. Why would you want to touch toilet paper in a public place that's been touched by everybody else's stank hands? It's gross.

The Camitool is currently being used in hospitals across Japan. That's the obvious first place you would put these little guys at, but it should be popping up at more locations across the country. It might even show up in the U.S. at some point. I highly doubt it though as we still don't have those fancy Japanese toilets that put our archaic slabs of porcelain to shame.

Interested buyers can get a plastic or even wooden Camitool for $750 or $1,200 respectively. The price might be why we won't see these guys popping up in bathrooms across the world. I guess we'll have to deal with grabbing toilet paper that's already been handled by who knows what.

[h/t: Geekosystem]

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