The iPad Mini Might Be Really Popular After All

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It was assumed that the iPad Mini wouldn't do much business for Apple when it first launched. The device wasn't flying off store shelves like other product releases, and analysts thought the price was too high. Now a new report suggests that all the fear may have been for naught.

Business Insider reports that Citi analysts have found that Apple is increasing its orders for the iPad Mini while decreasing orders for the regular iPad. The report states that Apple ordered 10 million units of both the iPad Mini and the regular iPad for the holiday season. Starting next year, however, iPad Mini orders will be going up to 12 to 14 million while regular iPad orders will drop to 5 to 7 million.

At face value, it seems that the iPad Mini is vastly outperforming the regular iPad. That's a far cry from the previous reports saying that consumer demand for the device is low. In fact, a survey from early November had tablets topping most shoppers' wish lists, but the iPad Mini was trailing behind its big brother and the Nexus 7.

What does it mean for Apple if the iPad Mini turns out to be the top performer for the company? Analysts believe Apple will announce lesser earnings thanks to the iPad Mini not bringing in as much revenue or profit compared to its larger counterpart.

More importantly, however, it will prove that Tim Cook's defiance of Steve Jobs' wishes was the right move. Jobs may not have liked 7-inch tablets, but this report suggests that consumers think otherwise.

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