The Internet Population Boom


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Internet marketing agency Customer Magnetism just compiled a new infographic describing the rise of worldwide internet use over the past decade.

internet population infographic

There's been 528.1% in growth of internet users since 2000, with 32.7% of world population now online, equalling 2.27 billion people. Google takes the search cake at 66.2%, with Bing and Yahoo coming in at 15.2% and 14.1% respectively.

Forty-three percent of online consumers use social media while shopping, and 90% of the purchases they go on to make are influenced by platforms like Facebook. Likewise, at its most recent count, Facebook has roughly 901 million active users, and 93% of adults online in the U.S. have accounts. The infographic shows that roughly 1 in 11 internet users are on Facebook, with roughly 2 in 5 web users being active members of the platform.

Facebook just announced its IPO, raising $16 billion at a $104 billion valuation. Founder Mark Zuckerburg once stated that deceased social network Friendster was a model for his site - investors don't seem to be too weary of the notion that there really is nothing in place for The Social Network to devolve into the next Myspace.