The Internet Of 1995 Wasn't Just For Anti-Social Geeks, It Was For Getting Email From Steve Jobs

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The history of the Internet is an area of study that's woefully ignored by the modern generation. I was part of the generation that grew up just as the Internet was just getting started, and the generation before me can even remember a time when the Internet wasn't even a thing.

Unfortunately, those who came after us take the Internet for granted. Their formative years were spent with broadband speeds and unlimited access. They didn't have to live through an era of dial-up modems and AOL installation discs littering the computer desk. For that generation, here's an episode of Computer Chronicles, a PBS-produced series on technology, that explores the Internet of yesteryear.

Beyond giving the young 'uns a history lesson, this particular episode is also incredibly prophetic in how it predicted the coming war between copyright and the Internet. It also predicted the rise of amateur musicians making it big thanks to the Internet through video uploads and music sharing through multiple avenues.

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