The Internet Is Incredibly Convenient, But At What Cost?

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The Internet has made a lot of old daily routines obsolete. Reading the newspaper in the morning has been replaced by online news. Going to the bookstore to grab the new best seller has been replaced by a digital download on a tablet. Thankfully, there's still a wide range of responsibilities that still require us to get up and go outside, right?

A survey of Americans in 2011 found that we spend quite a few hours per day performing regular tasks like shopping, cleaning, and cooking. We can pay somebody else to perform these tasks for us, but the price can easily skyrocket before your very eyes. That's why a new infographic from Dashlane suggests that you outsource everything to the Internet.

The infographic points out a number of new Web sites that have popped up in recent years that offer all the convenience of traditional services without having to actually leave the house. Everything from house cleaning and laundry to shopping and food prep can all be taken care of via simple Web sites.

It's actually kind of unsettling how much of our lives can be shuffled off onto somebody else via a few clicks. Traditional hiring of services at least requires you to meet people and form potential relationships. The Internet could make us all into recluses and the only people who are outside are those performing the menial tasks that we assigned to them through a Web site.

Of course, these Web sites aren't going to take over traditional tasks and services completely for quite some time, if ever. There's still something to be said about doing work yourself, or even supporting your local economy by hiring local services. Of course, this will all fall through once everybody is able to rely on robot labor.

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