The Importance of Effective Images

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Never is this more true than in the world of 'internets'. Everything from social media to blogging to e-commerce benefits from an effective photo campaign. MDG has shared with us this infographic, that highlights how an image can influence a company's business, branding, search, and social media.

The first thing you will notice is the impact the Pinterest can play when sharing online content. When an image is all you have to go on, it is truly important to select one the conveys all of the messages you want as concisely as you can. The accompanying line in the description can bring the whole thing together.

A key figure to remember is that an article with an image can bring 94% more traffic than one without. Articles that cover news, politics and sports particularly benefit from relevant images.

In the realm of press releases, the general rule is that the more multimedia content you can include, the more effective the campaign will be. Total online views are directly related to the number of multimedia elements.

Local search for local business also benefit from a good image. 60% of consumers are more likely to go with a business that has images in their local listing. Getting an inside peek at the establishment and/or the products that they feature make for a more open and friendly online business front. If you are selling items online exclusively, a detailed quality image of the product for sale is imperative. With the large amount of competitors offering this feature, you would be hard-pressed to remain viable without.

And finally, is the strong relationship between a quality image and social media campaigns. Whether this is for your personal page, or a company page, it should be given that people will be more likely to identify with people and places that they can see, and not just read about.

It's all about the images

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