The Human Condition Tracked via Google Autocomplete Is Sad, Beautiful, Sex-Obsessed

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There is something poignant, and unnervingly beautiful about this. It's also incredibly depressing in a way. Google's autocomplete feature uses algorithms to suggest queries based on their popularity with other users, so when Google is suggesting something to you, just know that a whole hell of a lot of people have search it before you.

And that's what makes this so...just...yeah:

"Using billions of searches, Google has prototyped an anonymous profile of its users. This reflects the fears, inquiries, preoccupations, obsessions and fixations of the human being at a certain age and our evolution through life," says creator Marius B. Well said.

And just FYI, he made this video in a incognito window with no user signed in, no cookies, and with a deleted history. This is pretty much the human condition, visualized via Google autocomplete. Life really is all about sex.

[Marius B via reddit]

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