The Heat Is Getting To Everybody, Including Android

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If you've been outside within the past week, you probably realized that it's really hot. The heat index for last week broke all kinds of records and it doesn't look like it will be letting up anytime soon. Unfortunately, the heat has already claimed its first victim.

Googler Dan Morrill let us know via Google+ yesterday that the lovely Jelly Bean statue at Google's HQ has succumbed to the heat. Apparently, the heat made the head on the statue partially melt which caused it to pop off. What's even worse is that some criminal made off with one of the Jelly Beans inside the statue.

If you recall, the Jelly Bean statue confirmed once and for all that Android 4.1 was going to be called Jelly Bean. It was also apparently a popular attraction as many pictures began popping up on many Google+ profiles of developers posing with the statue. It's a shame that somebody made off with one of the Jelly Beans, but he's still mostly full of the delicious candy.

If you happen to see anybody harboring a giant Jelly Bean or trying to sell it on eBay, you should probably contact Google. They'll probably have Sergey Brin equip a SWAT team with Project Glass and film the crackdown on the scoundrel who pilfered the statue. I would pay good money to see a police raid in first person.

Dan Morrill

Jelly Bean is so ridiculously hot that the JB statue overheated, and his head partially melted and popped off.

And then we think somebody stole one of the jelly beans. People: please don't steal our jelly beans.

Anyway, they've got the poor guy coned off now, for your safety but mostly for mine. But fear not, the designer is already working on a bug fix.

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