The Guild - I'm The One That's Cool, Other Geek & Sundry Shows Premiere


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As an avid 'The Guild' fan, it's been interesting to witness the evolution of the show throughout the years. From watching the first season, when the show was relatively unknown and looked like it was on a shoestring budget to the present. Now, The Guild is watched by millions and Felicia Day, its creator, has her own official YouTube channel called Geek & Sundry (link isn't to the channel, but the site itself).

While the fifth season of the show hasn't started yet, a music video was released to coincide with Geek & Sundry's official start. Along with the music video, three shows on the channel received premieres which you can view below.

The Guild - I'm the One That's Cool

- I still think 'Do You Wanna Date My Avatar' is their best video, but there's no denying the improved production value.

The Flog: Blacksmithing

- Depending on how much you're charmed by Felicia Day's aura will determine your enjoyment of The Flog. It's basically Felicia Day's own video blog, but unlike amateurs she goes out and visits places. If you're curious how blacksmithing works, I can recommend the episode.


Dark Horse Comics - The Secret: Chapter 1

- Of the shows I watched on Geek & Sundry, this was by far my favorite. Go ahead and sign me up on the prospect of more motion comics. The Secret isn't the first, but is of high quality.

TableTop Ep. 1: Small World

- The show has a well done intro, and Wil Wheaton brings a much needed flare to a show that's about people sitting around playing board games. While I can't recommend this for everyone, if you like board games and want an interesting way to watch your hobby take place, then give it a go.

Overall, I enjoyed the Geek & Sundry premieres. While I won't be keeping up with all of them, there's no denying the effort that went into the channel, and in turn the shows. With a high variety of subject matter, there's bound to be something that will catch your interest and suck away your time.