The gMax 3D Printer Asks For Your Consideration On Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been an excellent platform for aspiring 3D printer manufacturers to find funding. Over the past year, a variety of 3D printers of all shapes and sizes have been funded on the site. Now another challenger has come forward hoping to realize his dream of selling an affordable 3D printer to the masses.

Say hello to the gMax 3D printer – a RepRap-based machine that has an incredibly large build volume. How big? The creator, Gordon LaPlante, says it has a 16″ x 16″ x 9″ (or 2,304 cubic in) build volume. As far as open source 3D printers go, it’s pretty big.

The gMax isn’t just a big 3D printer. It also sports the following features:

  • As low as 75 micron layer height (with 0.35mm nozzle)
  • The 16’’ acrylic bed does not need cooling if using PLA
  • 1.5’’ x 1.5’’ inch strong aluminum frame system
  • Precision milled aluminum z-axis motor couplers
  • Print without a computer (LCD screen and SD card reader)
  • Extruder: MK-7 drive gear, J-head hotend, LED light, integrated blower fan
  • Parts easily swappable and customizable
  • Very easy assembly – just need to slide in and screw.
  • Quiet when running, especially compared to a lot of other 3D printers
  • Works with most common open source software (slic3r, pronterface, etc.)
  • So, how much is this thing going to cost you? The base gMax without the LCD screen and filament spool holder can be yours for $1.095. To get the LCD screen and filament spool holder, you’ll have to fork over $1,295. It may seem on the expensive side, especially when compared to other Kickstarter 3D printers, but the price is actually a steal when compared to other 3D printers of this size.

    [Image: Gordon LaPlante/Kickstarter] [h/t: 3ders]

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