The Evil Within Is The Survival Horror Game We've Been Waiting For

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Big budget survival horror has been on the decline these past few years with Resident Evil outright ditching the survival and the horror with its latest incarnation. The original creator of the series - Shinji Mikami - wants to change that with The Evil Within. The game has definitely shown promise in this regard, but the latest trailer for the game pretty much confirms that Mikami's still got it.

For PAX East, Bethesda Softworks released a gameplay trailer for The Evil Within that shows off many of the enemies and traps players will encounter within the game. In short, they're all pretty creepy. The game appears to nail the atmosphere that was sorely lacking in the last Resident Evil game. Even though the playable character has a gun, it's not empowering in the least. The game will force players to pick their fights carefully and run when needed.

Outside of the gameplay, we're treated to a few more story tidbits as well. There's the question of whether or not any of the events in the game are actually happening or if the player character has simply gone insane. My money's on the former, but the latter could prove interesting from a story telling standpoint as well. We also get a better look at the doctor who appears to be pulling the strings.

The Evil Within will be out August 26 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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