The Echo Nest & Songkick Join Forces

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The Echo Nest, a music search app provider, has decided to partner with Songkick, a live music and concert database. With the power to assemble relevant music and artist information and the addition of live music and concert schedules, fans will never be out of the loop when it comes to their favorites again. The partnership makes some of the best tools available to app developers and makes it easier than ever to integrate extensive music features into apps.

Ian Hogarth, Songkick CEO and co-founder explains about the partnership with Echo Nest:

"The majority of Songkick's team are developers passionate about making concert-going easier, so investing in our API and developer community is a priority for us,"

"We believe this will unlock further breakthroughs in concert technology. We're really excited about the range of awesome apps built on top of Songkick's data at Hack Days around the world so far and hope this integration with The Echo Nest leads to many more people seeing what they can build with our data."

The idea is to get fans together with information and scheduling from their favorite artists. Whether it's buying tickets before they go on sale, or finding out about exclusive deals, the partnership of Songkick and the Echo Nest makes the information available in one place like never before. Developers can take advantage of the two diverse entities to deliver what app fans are looking for.

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