The Dart Platform: An Introduction To Web Development

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There are many languages and platforms when it comes to developing apps for the Web, mobile and servers. One of the languages vying for your attention is Google's Dart Web development language.

Seth Ladd, a developer advocate of Dart and Chrome, gave a talk on the Dart platform this week. In his talk, he introduces what Dart is and why developers should care about the platform. The main philosophy of Dart is to "help app developers write complex, high performance client apps for the modern web."

Ladd then goes into a review of the new language features for Dart like "static types and isolates." He also demos the editor that developers will use when making applications for Dart.

Dart is still relatively new and will have many updates made to it over the next few years. This video is just meant to introduce people to the platform to drive up notoriety and interest. The video is very interesting and worth checking out even if you can't watch the entire hour.

While Dart might not be the future of the Web, it's still nice to have more options when it comes to developing for the Web. A wide range of options leads to more innovation in the development and creation of apps which is only a good thing for the end user.

Check out the hour-long video below and tell us what you think:

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