The Charlie Bit My Finger Kids Are Now Pitching Ragu

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The last time you saw them they were a little bit younger. That epic YouTube hit has nearly 500 million views and is the 7th-most-viewed video of all time on the site (1st if you don't count music videos).

Yes, it's the Charlie Bit My Finger kids and they're back in a new ad for Ragu pasta sauce.

'America's favorite pasta sauce' + British viral sensations = I'm not quite sure what it equals. "A long day of childhood calls for America's favorite pasta sauce. And it doesn't get much longer than having 500 million people watch your brother bite your finger. So give him Ragú, he's been through enough." That's Ragu's pitch.

Oh well, it's just nice to see the stars of one of the most-watched internet videos in history again. Check it out below:

[via The Daily What]
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