The Can: USB Tin Can Phone Seeks Kickstarter Funding

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Even if you grew up in a time when there is a cell phone attached to every ear, you probably tried this at least once when you were a kid. If you didn't, you have no sense of wonder and you are what is wrong with the world. That may be a little harsh, but that's the reality. Everyone needs time to be a kid, building forts and tree houses and whatnot, and using primitive forms of communication to make pretend. But for those of you who had a cell phone from birth, there is still time to make amends.

This startup on Kickstarter brings back the golden age of yester-year and gives it modern flair. Now you can feel like a kid in a treehouse again, while talking to your friends on Skype or your mobile phone.

The video says it all. You plug the tincan, which is fitted with a microphone and speaker, into your USB or cell phone audio jack and talk to your friends and loved ones through it.

According to Monkey Wrench Designs Kickstarter page, The Can is made from recycled cans of cream corn. So if you are wondering what that funny smell is when you talk into it, there you have it. Just kidding, I'm sure they wash them thoroughly before use. I'm sure of it.

The man in the video is Beauford Shackleton, or so they say. He and his company are asking for $30K to get the ball rolling, but so far have only accumulated around $3K. According to Kickstarter Q&A: "Without the $30k goal we can't pay for the tooling and vendors, nor keep Beauford happy with plenty of Bud while he assembles your Can." So please, give this hipster a break. Keep him in weed for the next few months, and get you daily dose of nostalgia at the same time.

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