'The Blacklist' Season Finale Recap


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Fans of The Blacklist were treated to a season finale last night that didn’t disappoint.

One major character was killed off, another was critically injured, and we finally know who “Berlin” is. But is Red Lizzie’s dad? That we still aren’t sure of.

The finale began with a horrific helicopter crash, in which viewers were treated to lots and lots of carnage. We even get to see a wreck survivor heavily step on a not so lucky passenger as he walks away from the scene. Score!

We saw Red get locked up because of Lizzie’s resignation, and are left wondering if he will spend his life in a cage. Again. We didn’t have to wait too long, however, as an agreement was made to have Red transferred, during which he escaped and is now free, natch.

Because of Lizzie’s estranged husband Tom, Berlin’s team now has a list of everyone working with Red on the Blacklist. Malik is the first victim when she has her throat slit by one of Berlin’s thugs. Cooper survives his strangulation attempt, but is left in bad condition.

Alan and Red come to an agreement in which Alan agrees to find Berlin, and then let Red find out why the guy is so darned peeved at him.

When Alan finds Berlin, Red goes alone to have the epic confrontation. After breezily shooting a few guards, it’s just Red and Berlin. Mano y mano. However, just as things start getting interesting, Tom bursts through the door with Lizzie in tow holding a gun to her head. Tom tells Red to let Berlin go or Lizzie gets it. Red takes things into his own hands and shoots Berlin himself.

A struggle between Lizzie and Tom ensues, and ends with Lizzie shooting Tom in the gut several times. Red begins to aim for one last shot, when Lizzie convinces him to let her take care of it. Her and Tom share a moment, then he leans in and whispers something to Lizzie before he presumably passes. (We learn later on that the body is missing.)

Here's what Twitter had to say about the show:

We then find out that who we thought was Berlin actually wasn’t. Berlin is instead the “guard” Lizzie and Ressler visited in the hospital who sawed his own hand off to get out of his cuffs in the helicopter. Lizzie and Red discuss how Berlin is still out there, and Lizzie reveals to Red that Tom told her that her real father is still alive, which Red shoots down, stating that Lizzie’s father died in that infamous fire we have heard so much about, in which Lizzie was rescued from and then taken to a man who raised her as his own.

A few scenes later, we see Red inspect the bullet wound he sustained during the Tom and Lizzie struggle, in which he reveals some major burn scars all over his back. Could this be a hint that Red was involved in the fire and is in fact Lizzie’s dad? Looks like we will have to wait until next season to hopefully find out.

Image via The Blacklist, Twitter