The Bachelor After Party: Ashley and J.P. Give Fans an Update on Relationship


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It has been a year since J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert got engaged on The Bachelorette and people are wondering when or if they will be exchanging vows. The couple updated everyone about the status of their relationship yesterday on The Bachelor After Party.

Ashley and her prince charming discussed their opinions about this year's Bachelor where Ben decided to propose to Courtney on a mountain top. While Ashley thought that Ben would pick Courtney she said that the couple has a lot working against them.

Ahley said that returning home after becoming engaged to J.P. was a very difficult time for her because people were at times rather unsupportive. Her anxiety became so bad that she called it Bachelor Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and blogged about it: "Ashley said she'd often find herself going on Twitter, googling her name, and reading what everyone was thinking about her. The newly licensed dentist went on to say she knows what it's like to have the worst moments, worst hair days, and most intoxicating moments on TV for the world to see."

Her fiance responded by saying that he did not feel any strife after the show ended because they were too busy making love all day: "we didn't leve the room."

Ashley was very surprised by his straightforwardness and looked a little embarrassed but rolled with it.

J.P. and Ashley's claim that the wedding is still on despite the criticism and ridicule that they have faced from family and viewers. Aside from the gossip, Ashley's sister had grilled J.P. in a previously televised encounter; after J.P. proclaimed his love for Ashley, her tattooed sister looked annoyed and said that she was "still struggling over whether or [his romantic attachment] made sense all together."

Jimmy Kimmel brought this issue up in August during an interview with the couple by half-jokingly insinuating that this might be a barrier to their nuptials. J.P. said that it was water under the bridge and that his sister-in-law to be has been sweet and supportive since they got back from the show.

During The Bachelor Reunion Party in Las Vegas Ashley stated that they had been brainstorming ideas about the wedding but haven't been making any final plans at this point.

The couple is currently living together in New York City.