The Avengers Was Shot, In Part, With An iPhone

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Who's excited for The Avengers? The hype has kind of flown under my radar, but I must say, that's a lot of superheroes. And when you think about it, all of these superhero films that have come out recently - Iron Man, Captain America, Thor - can be looked at as hype-machines for the big daddy, set to come out in May of 2012.

Would it surprise you to learn that parts of the film were shot using an iPhone? And some of those shots are even in the official trailer? That's what the film's cinematographer Seamus McGarvey said in a recent interview:

The beauty of photography or cinema is that you make every choice based on the content at hand. On The Avengers, I did a couple of shots on the iPhone and they are in the movie. In fact, they are in the trailer! I understand that sometimes there is no choice and you have to go for the cheapest option, but if you are limited for choice, you can still make poignant decisions that will effect the look of the film.

Let's revisit the trailer. Can you spot the iPhone shots?

Since the iPhone 4S just dropped last Friday, it would mean that the shots that McGarvey speaks of were shot with an iPhone 4. That device had a 5 MP camera and was capable of 720p video.

The new iPhone 4S is being praised for its video capabilities. Not only are people impressed with the photos taken by the device, but people are pretty blown away by the quality of the videos it produces. The iPhone 4S can shoot 1080p full HD video.

When the trailer was released earlier this month, it broke an iTunes record for most downloaded trailer of all time.

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