The Avengers Get The "Sweded" Trailer Treatment


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The term "Sweded" means the summarized recreation of popular pop-culture films/trailers using limited budgets and a camcorder. The process is called sweding. Upon completion the film/trailer has been Sweded.

We first heard of "sweding" in Michel Gondry's film BE KIND REWIND. The film, which stars Mos Def and Jack Black, focuses two men who accidentally erase all the video's in their rental store and are forced to recreate all the movies on their own. These versions become very popular with the customers, who are told they take longer to arrive, and cost more, because they come from Sweden. Hence, the films being referred to as "Sweded".

A couple of guys who call themselves "Dumb Drum" have been making Sweded trailers... and they're quite good at it. Their latest creation is the full Avengers trailer, which you can check out below. The special effects are non-existent, the sound effects are all homemade, and all-in-all it's done pitch perfect.

Here is the first sweded Avengers trailer, which hit the Internet back in October

Sure, the trailer looks a bit silly... but's it rather well done, for what it is. Check out the trailer below, as it shows the official trailer on the left accompanied by the sweded version on the left. It's been meticulously done with every scene being recreated.


Here is the sweded Dark Knight Rises trailer: