The Authentic Poker Experience Comes To iOS

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Zynga has become somewhat of a leader in the virtual Poker world with Zynga Poker for iOS. It's still their most popular game on mobile devices so it makes sense that developers would want to replicate that success. They all have come up short, but EA might be able to give them a run for their money.

EA announced that they have secured the license and branding for World Series of Poker to release a game based on the property for iOS devices. The game is being designed with both novice and hardcore players in mind. That's a good idea as the game will replicate the actual World Series of Poker and those guys can get pretty aggressive.

"EA and Caesars have teamed up to bring the most authentic poker game to the App Store," said Bernard Kim, Senior Vice President of Social and Mobile Publishing at EA. "We've taken the adrenaline rush of playing at the table and combined it with stats to help you anticipate your opponents' moves for a truly fun and competitive game that fans can play anytime. No other app captures the true poker experience like World Series of Poker."

As for features, players can expect two styles of poker - Texas Hold'em and Omaha Poker. It will use Facebook log-in to connect players with friends and people around the world as they compete to become king of the table. To replicate the World Series of Poker experience, players will win rings and bracelets just like their favorite players.

Of interest to hardcore players, there will be exclusive high-stakes tables for players who reach pro-status. If you find yourself losing money, EA will allow you the opportunity to spend real money to buy more chip stacks and gold. It's like a real casino without the real money.

"We are excited to partner with EA and bring a fun and authentic poker experience to your phone or tablet," said CIE Chief Financial Officer Craig Abrahams. "The WSOP defines the ultimate poker experience and now EA is helping bring the virtual Vegas experience to our customers across multiple mobile devices worldwide."

The game is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It's free, but don't make that an excuse to blow all your money on virtual chips. You're better off wasting your money at a real casino.

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