The Apple Store May Be Coming To A Sam’s Club Near You

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Apple has enjoyed a fair amount of success with the placement of mini Apple Stores inside Best Buy. In fact, the program has been successful enough at Best Buy that last month Apple entered into an agreement with Target to bring its expanded Apple Store displays to several of Target’s stores.

Now it looks like Apple may be looking to expand its retail presence again. 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple has entered into talks with Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart, to bring its mini Apple Stores into some of Sam’s Club’s locations. The talks appear to be at the preliminary stage, and Sam’s Club is apparently not the only retailer Apple is talking to.

There is no hint of a time frame as yet. Indeed, since the (rumored) talks are only preliminary, the deal may fall through. If and when an agreement is reached, however, Apple could conceivably have its expanded retail presence in Sam’s Club in place in fairly short order. Of course, we will bring you more information if and when it develops.

What do you think about the possibility a mini Apple Store in Sam’s Club? What about Walmart, or another retailer? Sound off in the comments.

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