The Annual WebProWorld Halloween Photoshop Contest

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The annual WebProWorld Halloween Photoshop contest is once again upon us, which means it's time to show off those Photoshop skills with some Halloween flair. This year, the usual suspects are available to be altered -- that is, the iEntry staff -- but there's also a twist: If you want to skip the image manipulation of the iEntry staff, instead choosing to do someone from the tech industry, feel free to do so.

For those of you who have been hiding the desire to do Steve Jobs as a zombie, this contest is for you, and no, I'm not really concerned about the "too soon" aspect of that statement. Of course, the recently-departed Jobs does not have to be the only person of interest, because, as many of us know, there are tons of tech celebrities to pick from.

Mark Zuckerberg, for one, looks like he'd make a great Jesse Eisenberg. Oh, wait. That's too easy.

You get the idea, however. Bill Gates as a the Crypt Keeper or Matt Cutts as a pimp. There are too many options to list here, so get to work on your images. On the incentive side of things, the winner of this year's competition receives having the site of their choice featured in an upcoming WebProWorld newsletter, as well as having their image featured in a WebProNews article covering the contest.

So yeah, free publicity, something that should never be overlooked in the web industry. The contest ends on Friday, October the 28th, so get cracking.

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