That 3D Printed Fetus Is Back Just In Time For The Holidays

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Back in July, a Japanese company started offering 3D printed models of a fetus for expecting mothers. It was all kinds of creepy, but there must be an appeal there that I just don't understand. Maybe a video, instead of just creepy pictures, will help clear up why this is a thing.

The folks at Diginfonews went to the business that makes these 3D printed fetus models to see how they're made, and perhaps even understand the appeal. The latter becomes immediately apparent as the company says that expecting mothers reported that "it felt great to see how their babies looked before birth, and to be able to actually hold the inside of their own body."

The above sentiment further proves that I will never understand maternal love.

Regardless, the whole video is a fascinating look at how 3D printing is introducing new businesses. The Japanese have been especially innovative in the space as another business offers 3D printed models of people as a kind of futuristic portrait.

If you or somebody you know is expecting for the holidays, a 3D printed fetus might not be a bad idea for a gift. There's only three little problems standing in your way - the service is only available in Japan, it costs $1,200, and the ultrasound must be taken during the final month of pregnancy to actually get something that remotely looks human, otherwise you'll be stuck with a creepy alien baby.

[h/t: Fabbaloo]

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