Thanksgiving Google Doodle Is All About Turkey Customization

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Today, in honor of the week of Thanksgiving, Google has unveiled a pretty cool Doodle that features a customizable Turkey. A rather goofy looking Turkey, mind you.

Users can change the shape and colors of the feathers, the type of head covering, and the shoes of the turkey by clicking on the specific parts. The four feathers are available in many colors and designs, and you can make it wear a toboggan, a wizard hat, and eye patch, and football helmet and more. On the footwear side of things, you options include sneakers, high heels, roller skates and many more.

If you click on the turkey's wing, is will randomize everything.

UPDATE: Through playing with the Doodle a little more and with a little help from commenters, we've found that there are plenty of little Easter eggs hidden in the Doodle. If you align the feathers, hats, and footwear in the right ways, you unlock some sweet hidden animations. The more we learn about this Doodle, the more it's looking like a productivity killer.

Once you've finished your unique creation, you can grab a shortened link to share with friends which will link to your specific turkey design - similar to how you could share your unique songs with the Les Paul playable guitar Google Doodle.

And for the first time that I can recall, there is an actual Google+ share button built into the Doodle. Here's the box that pops up if you want to share your turkey with your Google+ acquaintances:

See what crazy turkey design combinations you can create, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Josh Wolford
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