Teyana Taylor To Dethrone Rihanna? Meet The NEW 'Good Girl Gone Bad'


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"Who is Teyana Taylor?"

It's a question you've either asked in recent weeks or perhaps have heard others around you wonder aloud.

It's okay to ask as Taylor isn't someone that too many people would be familiar with—even fans of black R&B and hip hop artists.

But it's highly likely you've seen Teyana before...you just don't remember her.

Think back to the days of MTV's cringe-worthy "My Sweet Sixteen", a show dedicated to annoying us with spoiled teenage brats.

Teyana Taylor was one of the girls featured in this series. Taylor's mission at the time was to have an amazing sweet sixteen birthday party that would impress all of her friends.

Years later and Taylor's ambitions are far more grown-up. Now the aspiring singer is anticipating the release of VII, an album that celebrates her arrival after several frustrating years of working in the music industry.

"Seven is the number of completion," Teyana said during her interview with Rolling Out Magazine.

"I feel like I've been in the business for seven years and [there have been] a lot of bumpy roads and detours. [B]ut now in the seventh year everything is finally completed and coming together."

Teyana Taylor has enjoyed an increasing level of hype thanks to new music she's shared in recent weeks.

She released the full music video for her single "Maybe", and there has been much buzz after she dropped a sizzling teaser for "Brokenhearted Girl":

After years of questioning, self-doubt, and dealing with haters, it seems that Teyana Taylor will finally get to share her beautiful voice with the world.

Could that spell trouble for divas already on the scene? Some noted that Teyana Taylor's Rolling Out spread was sexy in the same vein as popular artist Rihanna.

However, it could be that the new girl on the block has a bit more talent to keep listeners tuned in.

Will Teyana Taylor dethrone pop music's "good girl gone bad"?