Texas Execution: Woman Put To Death


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The state of Texas has the highest execution rate in the United States. It's safe to say they are inclined to be less discriminatory about who is placed on death row.

Even though the executing of women in the United States is decidedly rare, it does happen. If you are a woman in Texas who commits a heinous murder, do not think that chivalry will spare you the needle.

This was the case for Suzanne Basso, who was executed by lethal injection and pronounced dead at 6:26 p.m. this evening.

The 59-year-old was sentenced to die following her conviction for the brutal torture and murder of a mentally impaired man. Basso had lured Louis “Buddy” Musso to Texas with the promise of marriage. The 59-year-old victim was later found in a ditch outside Houston, the victim of a vicious killing that was orchestrated by Basso. She was convicted in 1998 for her role in Musso's death.

Basso and her attorney attempted to delay the execution with claims that she was not mentally competent. She would also claim blindness and paralysis. All of her attempts to evade execution were unsuccessful.

Colleen Barnett, the former Harris County assistant district attorney who prosecuted Basso, spoke up about her feelings regarding Basso's behavior and the perception of whether or not it was an act of deceit.

"It was challenging, but I saw her for who she was. I was determined I was not going to let her get away with it."

In the end, she didn't.

Five others were convicted for the death of Musso, but only Basso was executed for it.

Says Barnett, "She was the one in charge. She directed [the others to kill him]. She wanted the money." As far as the former district attorney is concerned, "she's a heinous killer."

Basso is the first woman to be put to death in Texas since Kimberly McCarthy, who was executed in June of last year.

Texas being Texas, odds Basso won't be the last woman put to death.

Image via myworldnews