Texas Dust Storm Kills One, Closes Highway

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A gusty dust-storm popped up in West Texas yesterday, causing one fatal car accident and 17 injuries as drivers fought to keep their vehicles on the road. Part of Interstate 27 was closed for about six hours.

23 vehicles were involved in chain-reaction crashes during the storm, which created near-zero visibility when 55-mph winds threw dust and sand around.

"It was like a white-out, only this would be black," Cpl. John Gonzalez said. "You couldn't see past the hood of your vehicle."

The extreme dry conditions in Texas are the culprit; during a drought, dust and sand storms are common when winds kick up. Authorities have asked landowners to plow the earth around their homes in an attempt to get the dust to settle; for now, they're grateful the storm didn't wreak more havoc.

Image: Twitter/Chris Manno

Amanda Crum
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