Texas Bar Sign Jokes About Domestic Violence

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October is Domestic Violence Month, a topic one person in Austin, Texas thought would be appropriate to joke about, as evidenced by a sign he put outside at his place of employment, Minibar. The issue came to light after a woman shared a picture of the offending sign, which said "I like my beer like I like my violence: Domestic."

The woman who took the picture, Seetha Kulandaisamy, uploaded it to Facebook and Instagram on Friday, which hit reddit and took off. After receiving numerous calls and complaints on Facebook, the bar owner changed the sign and fired the employee responsible.

"I walked by the sign on Friday night, and my first response was just anger," Kulandaisamy said. "I currently am a volunteer at the women's shelter in Austin, so my sensitivity is extra high, but I think my reaction would have been the same regardless. Not only was it offensive, but it was also just bad humor."

Quite a few people agree with Kulandaisamy and some threatened to never again visit Minibar because of the sign.

The owner of the Texas bar, Alex Elmiger, seems very embarrassed by the situation and had the sign changed as soon as it was brought to his attention. Elmiger said that the employee who made the offending sign didn't have his permission to do so and that the man was fired immediately.

Elmiger posted a picture of a new sign (above right) to the Texas bar's Facebook page with the promise that the bar would donate $1 from every domestic beer sold in October to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

"Minibar doesn't condone that sign," owner Alex Elmiger said. "I give my utmost apology and assure it won't happen again. As soon as it was brought to my attention, I wanted to do something to rectify the situation." Elmiger also said that the situation was an "isolated incident and was definitely not a reflection of Minibar what so ever."

Do you find the Texas bar sign inappropriate or think people overreacted? Respond below.

Some Facebook users think that there is nothing wrong with the sign and blame people who take political correctness too far for costing a man his job.

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