Texans Cheerleader To Attend Prom With High Schooler


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Dreams can come true. If you just happen to be high school senior Mike Ramirez, and that special dream involves taking a cheerleader from the Houston Texans to prom, then dreams definitely come true.

The Crosby High School senior asked beautiful Caitlyn Beth, who just happens to be a Houston Texans cheerleader, to be his prom date. The 20-year-old blonde beauty agreed if Ramirez could reach 10,000 retweets on his Twitter account, and luckily he did.

“I’m so excited. My buddies are excited for me too. They said I have to do it big, so that’s what I’m going to do.” Seventeen-year-old Ramirez said before adding, “Honestly, I didn’t think she’d respond, but you don’t hit unless you swing.”

Friends and Twitter followers of the high school student are excited to hear the positive news. According to Colten Watley, "I thought she was going to blow it off because she's a Houston Texans cheerleader right? Yes, she's a professional and he's just a high school student."

Ramirez had voiced his desire to find the perfect date for the special evening. "Got the asking prom idea, now I just need the right girl." Caitlyn was flattered by the invitation and shared her own thoughts on the offer. "I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and I immediately said yes," Caitlyn said.

Image Via Twitter