Terry Crews "Nip Sync" With Jimmy Fallon Is Hilarious [VIDEO]

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On Monday, former football player turned actor Terry Crews dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about his first job and his latest movie.

Jimmy Fallon had other stars do a lip-sync battle when they guest on his show. With Crews, however, Fallon made up a new segment called the "nip sync". The two men performed their own rendition of the classic song “Ebony and Ivory,” a duet by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, and the twist was that they had to sing it and move their pectoral muscles at the same time – a move that Crews is famous for doing.

The segment showed off Crews’ perfectly sculpted body, and viewers might have been surprised to see Fallon with an equally buff torso. That is because Fallon was not flaunting his own body, but instead was using a green screen to superimpose a muscular body to his head.

Terry Crews and Jimmy Fallon perform world's first "nip sync" duet

The nip sync duet came after Fallon showed a clip from Crews’ latest movie Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. In the movie, Crews performs a pectoral chest dance.

Crews, 45, retired from being a professional football player in 1997. After his retirement, he pursued acting and his first role was T-Money on the show Battle Dome. Through the years, he has landed roles in several films, such as The Expendables, White Chicks, and Bridesmaids among others. He also appeared in some Old Spice commercials.

When he guested on the Tonight Show, he talked about his Battle Dome job, which he said gave him a lot of injuries. He told Fallon about the time when his foot caught on fire and he was brought by a crane on the flaming side of the cage. “People were going to the hospital daily. I made it. I survived,” he said.

Crews’ latest movie, Blended, will be released on May 23.

Terry Crews stars in 'Blended'

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