Terrell Owens Moving To Seattle?

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Terrell Owens has had a rough couple of years; besides an embarrassing incident which saw the free agent hold a workout for NFL teams at which no one showed up, he's also dealt with an ACL injury and a rather public shaming on Dr. Phil's show by three of his baby mamas, who called him out for not paying child support. Despite once being hailed as an enormous talent--tied with Randy Moss for the second most receiving touchdowns in NFL history--he hasn't played on an NFL team since his stint with the Bengals, which ended in 2010.

It's a bit surprising, then, that the Seattle Seahawks want to see what he's got. The team is reportedly holding a workout for T.O. today, and the internet is buzzing with the news. Seems everyone has an opinion on whether or not it's a good idea. Mike Sando of ESPN.com thinks Seattle might not have thought the decision through, although a workout doesn't necessarily mean a deal.

"The Seahawks don't have the quarterbacks to handle a player with Owens' reputation," says Sando. "For that reason, I'd be skeptical of any move to add Owens at this time. The three quarterbacks on the roster are having a tough enough time establishing themselves without adding a wild card such as Owens to the equation. Coach Pete Carroll's handling of quarterbacks has already come under question."

T.O. allegedly tweeted a post about the meeting today but if he did, it's been deleted. Most of his Twitter posts are retweets from fans or inspirational words. This one from July 31st is fairly telling; we may be able to decipher whether or not he's cutting a deal with Seattle by his next post.

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