Terminator Reboot: 3 New Films Set To Roll Out

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The "Terminator" films have been hugely successful over the years, starting in the '80s with a more naive Sarah Connor and moving right up to 2009's "Terminator: Salvation" with Christian Bale playing a grown-up John Connor. That was the fourth film in the series, set in a bleak future plagued by the machines that rose up in the '90s to overtake humanity; now, Paramount has announced that they'll be rolling out a new trilogy soon, a reboot of the series that will reportedly involve Arnold Schwarzenegger in some way.

Schwarzenegger appeared in "Terminator: Salvation"...sort of. Producers used CGI versions of the actor, as he appeared in a scene with dozens of the T-800 series Terminator in a factory. It's unclear what sort of role he'll play in the new films, but rumor has it he's going to be the man who based the first Terminators on his own likeness.

The first film has a release date of June 26, 2015, though a cast list has yet to be announced.

Schwarzenegger is also in headlines this week because a trailer for his newest project, "Escape Plan", hit the web. The film also stars Sylvester Stallone and tells the story of a professional prison-breaker who is thrown into a cell that no one has ever gotten out of.

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