Teresa Giudice Wants You To Buy Her Wine Before She Goes To Jail

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Poor Teresa Giudice!

It seems like the future jailbird just can’t catch a break. The fraud scandal has had quite an impact on her household’s income. Her books aren't selling so well, either. So she’s trying to bring in the dough (legitimately, of course) anyway she can.

Days ahead of her sentencing, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is reportedly trying to push her wine at the last possible minute.

Gossip website RadarOnline is reporting that the reality TV star and her husband hosted a Fabellini wine tasting event at a New Jersey bar.

Luckily for Guidice, it seems her partner is such a believer in the convicted felons that the person has no intention of breaking ties with her.

“We have so much demand for the product. I can’t wait ’til it gets here!” gushed Jack Caccaito, owner of Wave Wine importing and marketing.

Apparently the notoriety surrounding the Giudices have made the product a big hit. Not too shocking. There always seems to be people willing to spend big money on anything a criminal once owned or is selling.

As for Teresa Giudice, she and Joe are spending as much time as they can with their children. The RHONJ star regularly updates her social media with the events and goings-on in her kids’ lives.

Despite the emphasis on family, especially in recent months, many angry onlookers aren’t buying it.

As far as many are concerned, the Giudices are a couple of fraudulent, greedy hoods who will likely be getting off with a virtual slap on the wrist.

It’s hard to argue when you have a pair of people who obtained millions of dollars through questionable and illegal means and yet are only forced to pay back several thousand dollars.

The reality TV pair are due to hear the final word on their fates soon. Until then, I suspect as much wine will be sold as possible to help pay off those dastardly legal fees.

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