Teresa Giudice Is Afraid Husband Will Cheat With Nanny


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Teresa Giudice has a lot to think about and prepare before she goes to prison in January and one of her biggest concerns is the care of her children.

Teresa’s husband Joe will also be going to prison, but not until Teresa gets out, so he will be taking care of the kids while she is away.

Teresa is looking into hiring a nanny to help Joe with the children, but according to a source, she wants an unattractive one so Joe won’t be tempted to have an affair with her.

“She wants someone who doesn’t pose a threat,” a source told Page Six. “Especially now that she’s not giving him physical attention. For a few weeks, Teresa was phoning agencies, looking for a ‘chubby’ nanny. She knows Joe prefers thin women. She’d feel safe with someone a bit dumpy.”

“She started contacting agencies, asking for a gay ‘manny,’” said the source. “But she was told asking a person’s sexuality isn’t appropriate.”

If that isn’t enough to worry about, Teresa is also trying to plan Christmas on a limited budget. She has vowed to stop spending money in hopes of paying back the restitution she was ordered to pay, which adds up to over $422,000.

“Teresa explained this year will be different and spending money is not what Christmas is all about,” said another source, adding the family will be “cutting back” the best they know how. “She thinks backing down from a $1,200 pair of shoes to a $400 pair is roughing it. So there’s a real disconnect.”

Teresa is trying to get everything in order before she goes to jail on January 5, but it looks like she might be focused on the wrong things.

Do you think Teresa is being ridiculous about her nanny and her Christmas spending?