Teresa Giudice Won't Get Out Of Prison Early, Still Acting Like A Diva

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It appears that Teresa Giudice will have to serve the entirety of her 15-month sentence for fraud, and it’s all thanks for her husband Joe.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star was expecting to be released from Danbury Connecticut correctional facility in time for the holiday season because she and her husband had a deal on the table.

But a source says that the deal has gone sour and it was all Joe’s fault.

“He met with the feds and the whole thing fell apart during those meetings because of the things he said,” the source explained. “So now the deal is off the table. [Teresa] is going to be sitting in prison for the rest of her sentence.”

However, if reports from some inmates are to be believed, Teresa isn’t having such a terrible time in prison anyway.

A former inmate at the facility has claimed that “Teresa’s a diva” and that the Real Housewife is getting special treatment.

“Just the way she got her job, that's definitely diva treatment,” the ex-inmate says. “She wipes tables three days a week and it's maybe for 15-20 minutes a shift. She had that job before she came in, and that's hard to get. Why should she get that when people are outside shoveling snow?"

Good question.

She is also allegedly getting preferential treatment when it comes to meals and visitors.

Her own husband Joe also inadvertently alluded to the cushy life that his wife is living while serving time for wire and bank fraud.

In an Extra interview aired last month, the businessman talked about having been made to wait for an hour while Teresa did her hair.

He also described the 42-year-old mother as having “a little group she hangs out with and does her thing with every day.”

The Italian-born Joe will be serving his own 41-month sentence for fraud once Teresa is released.

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