Teresa Giudice Talks Prison Sentence


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Teresa Giudice was found guilty of fraud and recently sentenced along with her husband Joe.

Teresa and Joe have young children and while Joe assumed he would be spending a few years in jail, Teresa was hoping that she wouldn’t have to.

Unfortunately, Teresa was sentenced to jail time but luckily the judge did not order that hers and Joe’s sentences be served at the same time, meaning that one will be home with the children while the other goes to prison to serve out their sentence.

Teresa spoke about her sentence calling it unexpected.

She said that she was so worried about the sentence that she couldn’t sleep at night and was physically shaking at her sentencing.

She had been hoping for house arrest or even probation and is nervous about leaving her young children, the oldest of whom is only 13.

Teresa said that she is the primary caregiver for her children and does not leave them with a babysitter often or rely on a nanny or anyone else to take care of them.

According to CBS, Teresa's oldest daughter Gia told her mother that she would help take care of the younger children and help her father with them while their mother is in jail. Teresa has until January 5 to get her affairs in order and surrender herself and serve her time.

Teresa said that she will rely on her husband to take care of their children and expects him to be as involved in their lives as she is. Joe will start his sentence after Teresa completes hers.