Teresa Giudice: Headed For Jail?

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It's looking more and more like Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe might be headed for prison. The couple are due to appear in federal court on Tuesday. There are some reports that they may arrive ready to plead guilty to certain charges.

This sordid scandal involving the Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars began after they filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

Despite claiming to be broke, 43-year-old Joe Giudice and his wife Teresa, 41, falsified documents to get millions of dollars in loans. Meanwhile, they failed to file taxes on income earned from 2004 to 2008. The New Jersey pair are alleged to have collected roughly $5 million over a period of eight years, much of this time period covering the couple's assets prior to appearing on the RHONJ.

The couple also allegedly failed to report income earned thanks to appearing on the show.

Once the authorities caught on to the Giucides, it resulted in arrests for both Joe and Teresa on over 30 counts of fraud back in July 2013. Teresa and her husband are currently out of jail on $500,000 bonds.

The charges they face include conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud, wire fraud, and falsification of loan documents.

The maximum for all charges would put them in jail for decades if found guilty.

Being put away for that long would obviously mean missing out on the lives of their children, grand children, and possibly be old enough to meet their great grand children when released. Not wanting to face a practically permanent separation from their children, it's likely Teresa Giudice will plead out, as will her husband.

According to Touch magazine, one plea agreement on the table for Teresa would allow her to avoid jail time and instead do upwards of five years of probation. Her husband Joe, an Italian citizen, faces possible deportation in addition to jail time even with the plea agreements.

The reality TV stars must hope for a lenient courthouse experience if they are to avoid their family being broken up forever.

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