Teresa Giudice And "Real Housewives" Reunion: Questions That Must Be Asked

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It looks like Bravo is not letting Teresa Giudice’s attempt to throw the network under the bus to save herself get in the way of ratings.

According to E! News, Giudice will indeed be front and center for the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s post-season reunion show. And what a reunion it will be following the most explosive season of RHONJ ever!

Aside from Teresa and husband Joe Giudice’s legal drama, there was also a fight over rumors that Nicole Napolitano had played the role of a homewrecker.

If that weren’t bad enough, her twin sister Teresa Aprea had to cope with an ugly rumor of her own—That Santa Napolitano, her and Nicole's own mother, allegedly had an affair with her husband Rino Aprea.

With so much drama and animosity afoot, it’s likely that the reunion show will bring in huge ratings for Bravo.

Some might find it strange that Giudice would even agree to appear to be on the show. In court she claimed that the editing misrepresented her and her family.

Since she will soon be headed to jail for a 15 month stretch, perhaps Teresa feels the television appearance will be her last opportunity to make a lasting impression on viewers.

Here are five questions someone MUST ask Giudice before she leaves the show, perhaps indefinitely:

    (1) Was having so much money and ill-gotten gains worth going to jail and missing years of their young children's lives?

    (2) Will the Giudice family continue to try and keep up their extravagant lifestyle or will they downsize significantly while paying nearly a million dollars worth of restitution?

    (3)Was deceiving so many people worth the potential risk of seeing Joe Giudice potentially kicked out of America forever?

    (4) Does Teresa think her celebrity and wealth helped her and her husband avoid serious jail time and paying back the ENTIRETY of what they stole?

    (5) If she blamed Bravo for much of her public image problems, why go out of her way to profit from her associated fame?

What Questions Do YOU Want To See Answered By Teresa Giudice At The Reunion?

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