Tennessee Road Rage: Man Charged with Attempted Murder

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The East Knoxville County sheriff has charged 61-year-old Rodney Lee Scott with attempted first-degree murder after shooting a motorcyclist due to road rage.

On Monday, 23-year-old Tyler Lakin and J.R. Trisler, 33, encountered Scott’s road rage as he was exiting I-640 onto Washington Pike.

The two motorcyclists claim that Scott tried to ram them off the road as he was exiting the highway.

Onlookers say that Lakin and Trisler waved at Scott to make sure that he saw them but after an exchange of inappropriate gestures, the two bikers decided to pursue Scott.

In retaliation, Scott stopped in the middle of the road and backed his Saturn SUV into Trisler, knocking him off his bike.

Joseph Jackson was there to witness most of the confrontation and even helped Trisler with his bike.

"It was two motorcycles that pulled up beside me and asked me to call the law and said they'd been hit during a hit and run," he told WATE 6.

Jackson and the two irritable motorcyclists decided to follow Scott to his home where they continued to exchange words.

According to neighbors, Scott went into his garage, returned with a gun and shot Lakin three times in the back.

Lakin was rushed to the University of Tennessee Medical Center where he is now in stable condition.

Police has also charged Scott with attempted assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

Ironically, this not the first time Scott has been involved in road rage and strangely enough, it happened on the same road in 2002. He was dismissed of all charges after completing probation.

However, Lakin and Trisler also have criminal histories themselves, one pertaining to driving under the influence.

Scott is being held on a $1 million bond.

Image via Screenshot, WATE 6

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