Teens Organize Parties in Abandoned Mansions with Twitter, Facebook


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If you've got an abandoned mansion sitting around in an area that's teeming with teenagers looking for a place to party, chances are you're going to come home to find your spacious abode in shambles. Whatever happened to just hanging out at home with some friends on the weekends? I guess I wasn't one of the cool kids.

With the assistance of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, party-loving teenagers are organizing huge shindigs -- complete with booze and live DJs -- inside empty mansions. In the past month, three like-minded gatherings were reported in San Diego california. One such party at a $5 million house was shut down by area police after neighbors reported all sorts of loud noise and wild behavior taking place on the vacant property. When the owners arrived on the scene to survey the damage, they were understandably flabbergasted by what they discovered.

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Thanks to the nearly 400 teens who showed up to the party, the house was filled to overflowing with cigarette butts, empty bottles of alcohol, and, of course, vomit. Lots of vomit. Police have also reported that other houses were discovered in near-ruins, complete with trash, garbage, and extensive property damage.

In order to find a mansion worthy of such an event, organizers usually take to Google to find large, empty homes capable of sustaining large groups of people. Once a location has been secured, the kids take to Twitter and Facebook to spread the message to those who would love nothing more than to attend. This sort of behavior was apparently inspired by the film "Party X", a motion picture I'm probably a little too old to fully appreciate.

San Diego county sheriff's department have asked parents and residents alike to keep their eyes peeled for this sort of unsavory activity.